I wore vests long before it was cool to do so. That’s not a brag, I made some questionable fashion decisions in my earlier years. I hope that my fashion decisions have improved over time but I know that knitting patterns definitely have.

The appeal of the knitted vest is simple. Warm torso, free arms, lots of layering and styling opportunities meaning you get a garment for all seasons, plus a quicker knit. That last point makes them particularly suited to the beginner knitter, those wanting to test out more complex designs or simply those with a slightly shorter attention span (such as myself).

Here are 10 modern vests and slipovers for a range of knitting levels and styles that would work beautifully in our range of natural yarns.

You will find well known names but also some lesser known designers. We have deliberately chosen designers who have not only a great vest pattern but many swoon worthy designs. So, make a cup of coffee, get comfy and get ready for some serious knitspiration.


1. Holiday Slipover by Petite Knit (XS-5XL)

You could easily do a whole blog on the many slipovers of Petite Knit but I’ve chosen to highlight just one.

One of my personal favourites, having knitted two already, its chunky nature makes it a quick and satisfying knit but it still looks neat and refined. It has exaggerated dropped armholes which make layering a cinch and I especially like the split hem which means it can be easily layered over almost anything, including voluminous skirts and dresses. I chose to keep the front and back hemlines the same height as this works better for my long torso.

Yarn Recommendation: Super Woolly +/- Silky Kid (optional)


 2. Vest No. 5 by My Favourite Things (XS-XXL)


Kathryn said she wasn’t ‘a vest person’… until she knitted this. When I asked Kathryn what her most worn make was for 2023 she replied this vest! Another quick and satisfying chunky knit with some extra details to keep it interesting. Think grandpa chic - a modernised classic.

Yarn Recommendation: Super Woolly + Woolly 8ply (held double for the rib edges), +/- Silky Kid for fluff (optional)


3. Montpellier Top by November Knits (1-8) 


This is marketed as a summer top, but as a 10ply pattern it’s equally suitable for cooler weather. I made one using a cotton/wool blend from Dempstah which means I can wear it in summer and winter. The overall shape is reminiscent of the Holiday Slipover in that it is boxy with exaggerated armholes but it has an added ribbed panel feature on the side. Psst there is also a dedicated Montpellier Slipover pattern for DK+mohair that features a cosy roll neck.

Yarn Recommendation: Dempstah Citizen Wolf Recycled, 10ply


4. Best Vest by James N Watts (XS-5X) 

This gender neutral vest gives us serious Kowtow vibes with its modern, oversized silhouette. It’s easy to imagine this with a range of outfits making it a highly versatile piece.

Yarn Recommendation: Woolly 8ply + Silky Kid or Dempstah Citizen Wolf recycled 10ply


 5. Cocoon Chokki by Noriko Ichikawa (1-9)


This beautiful vest by Japanese designer Noriko Ichikawa looks exactly as described, like a cosy cocoon you won’t want to remove. This would be a quick and simple make, perfect for our soft and bouncy Woolly DK.

Yarn Recommendation: Woolly 8ply


6. Tobermory Top by Coco Amour (XS-XXL)


With a clean modern silhouette and an elegant half fisherman’s rib this refined top looks great alone and would be super cosy layered over long sleeve tops and shirts in winter

Yarn Recommendation: Woolly 8ply + Silky Kid or Dempstah Citizen Wolf recycled 10ply


7. Wave Vest by Rows Knitwear (XS-4X)

This is one for those who like colour work, or those who want to try it out without committing to a full sweater. Rows knitwear is one of our new favourite designers with most of her patterns either currently on our needles or on our ‘to do’ list.

Yarn Recommendation: Woolly 8ply


8. Erikka Vest by Rosa P (1-6)

What could be more luxurious than a mohair vest? If you love mohair, but don’t love the feeling of it against your skin this is also a great way to add a little fluff factor to your outfit. We love the bright fun colour of the designers sample, and it turns out we have just the colour in our collection!

Yarn Recommendation: Silky Kid


9. Rota Sleeveless Top by Irene Lin (1-6)


A new designer to us and another versatile knit that can be worn alone or layered. We love the modern cable + eyelet design which we can imagine being sold in many high end stores. I really struggled to narrow down just one of her designs so would highly recommend you check them all out!

Yarn Recommendation: Dempstah Citizen Wolf Recycled, 10ply


10. Vest Taipei by Mochi Knits (XS-3XL)


Cables are definitely having a moment so we had to include another one. This is a particularly elegant example and another vest that could easily be worn on its own or over a shirt, t-shirt or long-sleeve top. The cable pattern is simple making it a good way to dip your toes in but the overall effect is stunning.

Yarn Recommendation: Woolly 8ply


Looking for more vest knitting patterns?

There are SO many gorgeous vest patterns available that it was really difficult narrowing down this list. If you’d like to see some of the other vest patterns we are swooning over then check out our dedicated Vest + Slipovers | Pinterest board.


Did we miss any of your favourites?

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