This is my second Holiday Slipover. I made my first a few years ago but somehow it got misplaced during a move. It had become such a wardrobe staple for me that there was no question of making another.

I knew this was an item that was going to get a lot of wear so I went for a colour that could very easily be worn with almost everything in my wardrobe - Super Woolly in colour Sheepish (natural). I held the yarn together with one strand of Silky Kid in Natural White, not a necessary addition but I really like added texture and, of course, fluff.

My first version was knit using the yarn recommended by Petite Knit (2 strands of bulky + one strand of mohair). This created a light, bouncy fabric but I actually think Super Woolly works better. I love the fabric created by Super Woolly - it is denser and feels more robust and is definitely warmer. It also makes a slightly more sculptural silhouette which I think gives the garment a more contemporary look.

The ‘lost vest’ - My first Holiday Slipover.


I made the smallest size, for reference my measurements are bust 32” (81cm) and waist 26” (66cm). I got gauge with the recommended needle size, as I did with my previous version also. Despite that, this version definitely came out slightly larger, which just goes to show that swatching is not an exact science (but necessary none the less).



Holiday Slipover by Petite Knit


It’s a very quick and simple pattern; suitable for both beginners and beyond. It’s ideal for a confident beginner ready to tackle a few more garment techniques whilst being a great palate cleanser for more advanced knitters.

It can be tricky to critique instructions as there is usually an element of personal preference; what one person finds easy to follow another may struggle with. Personally, I have always found Petite Knit instructions incredibly straightforward and easy to follow. For those with less knitting knowledge I think she provides a lot of helpful details that explain the construction process and hence develop your understanding rather than simply following instructions. Her designs are often simple but the techniques she uses ensure they look modern, professional and elegant.

I love the split hem detail in this pattern. The instructions are to knit the back hem longer (which I did with my first) but for this version I kept them the same length as I prefer this for my long torso. The split hem makes the slipover really easy to layer over almost anything, even voluminous skirts and dresses. The armhole is deliberately dropped which also makes it nice for layering but it is easy to reduce the armhole size if you prefer.




Super Woolly is easily my favourite chunky yarn that I’ve used. One of the things I particularly like about it is that it is a plied yarn rather than being a single ply. Many chunky yarns are single ply as this creates a softer, bouncier yarn but the downside is less stitch definition, reduced strength and the risk of it pulling out of shape - even during the knitting process. I found Super Woolly really easy to knit, the stitch definition is great and I love the finished fabric which holds its shape and creates a more structural silhouette which I think suits the drama of chunky knitwear. 

I also love the fact that it is a minimally treated yarn. Being non-superwash it holds its shape better and is warmer and more water repellent. Plus it is not only created using NZ wool, it is spun in NZ too!

The yarn bloomed beautifully with blocking and has kept its shape after many wears. Blocking is helpful to achieve a boxy silhouette as the ribbing at the bottom naturally wants to pull in. 

Super Woolly in Sheepish, Nessie, Over the Taupe, Smokey Joe, I’m the Moss and La La Lilac



Unsurprisingly this has become one of my most worn garments this winter. I find myself throwing it over basically everything when I want a little more warmth and I love how it can elevate even the most boring outfit such as trackies and a t-shirt. The yarn was a joy to work with and is a joy to wear and I’m already planning my next make.

My Holiday Slipover is one of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe.


Ready to try your own?Check out our full range of Super Woolly and if you’re looking for knitting pattern inspiration head over to our Pinterest Board.

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