Knitting Inspiration | 10 HOT Summer Patterns

Knitting Inspiration | 10 HOT Summer Patterns

Gone are the days of knitting as primarily a winter activity.

An increase in the quality and quantity of plant yarns and a surge of talented pattern designers means that summer knitting is now trés chic and it’s one trend we can definitely get behind.

In our experience the best and most comfortable summer knits come from using 4ply yarns and under. If you’re concerned about the time it takes to knit finer yarns the good news is there is generally less knitting overall so it’s a great way to try out a new yarn - plus your lap wont get all sweaty in the process.

Here are 10 summer knitting patterns currently on our hot list. You should find a suitable match for each in our collection of summer weight yarns.


1. Moonset Tee by Ozetta (XS-5XL)

This is becoming a TNT for us at P.S.C. We love the simple boxy shape and the not-too-high, not-too-low v-neck makes an interesting design detail and is fun to knit.

Kathryn and I have both made these out of our BC Garn LINO but think it would look equally great in our REBORN Denim.


2. Camisole No.9 by My Favourite Things (XS-4XL)

Close up of woman wearing black knitted vest with gold necklace and blue and white striped shirt around arms.

The beauty of this design is in its utter simplicity. The perfect, classic tank but knitted. The edge details around the neck and armhole really elevate this design and give it a luxurious look.

I’m currently making this in BIO Balance which is a mix of organic wool and organic cotton however it would also be lovely in our Studio Linen.


3. Scribble Top by Rows Knitwear (XS-4XL)

Woman standing wearing open weave knitted singlet with hands in trouser pockets

We were super excited when we stumbled on this knitwear designer, whose patterns are just plain cool. We love this interesting, modern design. One of the great things about summer knitting is the ability to create open weave textures. This design is perfectly suited for our BC Garn LINO.


4. Cumulus Tee by Petite Knit (XS-3XL)

Close up of a woman wearing a white v-neck knitted tshirt with cluster of necklaces and beach scene behind

No knitting pattern list is complete without at least one garment from Petite Knit. The Cumulus Tee is a simple, modern no frills t-shirt which really lets the yarn sing. This would look great in any of our 4-ply yarns.


5. Leonie by CocoKnits (S-3XL)

Woman standing in sheer, grey knitted sweater with hands in pockets

Sheer overtops are definitely having a moment and this is a beautiful understated example. You could also lengthen the sleeves to make a cool long-sleeve sheer t-shirt. This would look great in LINO.


6. Pi Camisole No. 2 by Créadio Studio (XXS-3XL)

Woman with olive skin standing in light green knitted tank with white shirt down around shoulders

We love the unique neckline of this simple cami which would be nice and breezy around those armpits in the summer heat. Suitable for any of our 4-ply yarns.


7. Ingrid Summer Sweater by Gregoria Fibers (Finished Bust Circumference 45”-62”)

Woman standing in boxy cream knitted summer sweater with decorative eyelet details

We love the modern square shape and interesting texture of this jumper. We have also seen someone knit up a short sleeve version which looked great. We think this would be beautiful in our REBORN denim or Bio Balance for a slightly warmer version. It also comes in a sleeveless version, check out the Ingrid Top.


8. Outline Tee by Jessie Maed (XS-5XL)

Peach coloured knitted v-neck top with decorative neckline on a plus sized model

Jessie Maed specialises in size inclusive, modern, feminine knitting patterns. We love the subtle design details on this classic tee. Having seen a sample of this knitted up in a sample in a shop I can confirm its beauty in person. Suitable for any of our 4ply yarns.


9. Twist Loop Top by Other Loops  (XS-XXL)

Shot of woman’s torso, wearing grey cabled knitted vest with hands in pockets of cream pleated trousers

This is a great way to try out some cable knitting without going all in! Classic and elegant, this would look great in any of our 4-ply yarns. Or for real luxury why not try our Silky Kid held double.


10. Moonless Tank by Jacqueline Cieslak (Finished Bust Circumference 38”- 68”)

Plus sized Caucasian women wearing knitted tank, smiling looking up at the sun

Jacqueline specialises in modern, size inclusive knitting patterns. We love the simple shape of this tank which would look equally nice on its own or layered over a dress. Designed for 5ply but provided you get gauge we are sure you could make it work with a 4ply yarn.


But wait, there's more...

Mini Mock Neck Tank by Jessie Maed

Woman standing beside ocean wearing sunglasses. Wearing pink knitted tight fitting turtleneck vest and bright pink swim bottoms

We had to include this as it’s just achingly cool and is also size inclusive to a 62”chest. Check it out on Ravelry to see it made up on a wide variety of bodies. Great for any 4ply yarn.


Sophie Scarf by Petite Knit

Close up of a woman wearing a ribbed brown top with a small knitted scarf wrapped twice around her neck

The perfect way to try out a new yarn. Quick, easy and very wearable.

...and our Wild Card

Chloe Top by Mochi Knits (XS-2XL)

Woman wearing knitted white camisole with a cat on her lamp

This is designer is new on our radar so we are yet to trial her patterns but it’s only a matter of time before we do because they are just plain beautiful!


There you have it, 10 (+ some) of our top picks for summer knitting. Be sure to check out each designer as they all have multiple drool-worthy designs and last but not least… please knit responsibly. 

There is no need to stick to recommended knitting yarns provided you get gauge and your finished fabric texture works for the design.

Swatch it, don’t botch it.


Ready to get started? Check out our range of yarns. If you’re not sure on a colour, you can order a sample!



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