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I am a next level seam ripper, both functional and stunning in design. My handle is made from a ceramic tile which is glazed and fired, giving me a smooth, glossy coat with a rustic texture. I'm a handy little tool for cutting threads, opening buttonholes and ripping back seams.

I am a nice weight with a lovely hand feel. My handle is square-shaped with a rounded edge so there is little risk of me rolling off your work and disappearing into the void of sewing space.

My blade is sharp so I come with a protective cover made of genuine leather and a silk tassel with gold threads to match the colour of the glaze completes my look. My beauty makes those 'oh sh*t' moments much more pleasant.

Fun Fact: Kawara is a traditional Japanese roof tile dating back to 1610. The first Kawara were made for castles and later developed along with the construction rush of various types of buildings in the Edo period. My Awaji Kawara roof tile is by Irakato in Awaji Island using manufacturing methods inherited from his grandfather's generation.

Size: 115mm length, 10mm width (40mm blade)

Materials: ceramic, steel, PFA, epoxy resin | silk/polyester tassel | genuine leather case

Producing Regions: Made by Irakato in South Awaji City of Awaji Island, Hyogo

Why I'm Better

Cohana is committed to connecting the traditional skills and wisdom of Japanese artisans handed down over many years to future generations and to revitalise these industries and production areas. Many of the techniques used to make their tools have been given the certification of Traditional Crafts by the Japanese Government.

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