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I am a durable, spool-shaped ceramic pin holder handcrafted in Japan using traditional techniques. My strong magnet makes holding pins, needles and paper clips a cinch! 

I am designed to be used with pins/needles standing up for easy one-handed use during sewing. Inside, my spool is lined with soft felt to protect the tips of your needles against the ceramic surface. Looking for the perfect pins? Check out Cohana's handcrafted Glass Sewing Pins.

Use my bottom to sweep up stray pins and needles!

If you’re looking for a companion the Seki Mini Scissors attach perfectly to my side making us a beautiful and functional addition to your sewing table or travel kit.

Fun Fact: Hasami-ware is a traditional style of Japanese pottery created in Hasami-cho, Nagasaki. It dates back 400 years to the Edo period (1603-1868). Hasami-ware is known for its simple, functional designs and rather than being hemmed in by a distinctive ‘look’ it has evolved over time ensuring wide appeal.

Also available in blue, yellow, grey

Size: 35mm diameter, 46mm height

Materials: ceramic, anisotropic ferrite magnet, felt

Producing Regions: By Ishimaru Togei Co. Ltd in Hasami, Nagasaki

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