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I am an expertly crafted needle set containing eight hand sewing needles in four different lengths. My precise, sharp point is achieved through rigorous vertical polishing, and makes for a delightful sewing experience.

My needles are manufactured in Kanazawa and have been coveted by seamstresses of its booming textile industry for over 440 years. My set is housed in a unique paper case adorned with a beautiful silk tassel.

Fun Fact: My paper case in inspired by the seamstresses of Kanazawa who took particular care of their Meboso's needles by creating hand-sewn bags or pendant style containers to keep them safe and sharp.

Needle Size (length x thickness):

*Set includes 8 needles

    • No.8 - 28.8mm×0.64mm  3 pcs
    • No.7 - 30.3mm×0.71mm  3 pcs
    • No.6 - 31.8mm×0.76mm  2 pcs

Materials: steel needle | paper case | silk/polyester tassel

Producing Regions:

    • Needles from Meboso Hachirobei Shoten in Ishikawa
    • Case from Aichi Paper Tube Factory in Aichi
    • Tassel from Marimo in Fukuoka

Why I'm Better

Cohana is committed to connecting the traditional skills and wisdom of Japanese artisans handed down over many years to future generations and to revitalise these industries and production areas. Many of the techniques used to make their tools have been given the certification of Traditional Crafts by the Japanese Government.

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