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I am a chic, earthy magnet made of authentic Shigaraki ware in the shape of a button. Finished with a simple glaze and fired to perfection, I embody the Japanese sense of wabi-sabi, or the beauty of rustic simplicity. Great care is taken in choice of clay and colour to craft my unique shape and look.

I am strong enough to hold lightweight magnetic objects, I make for an excellent pincushion or needle rest or I can be used as a decorative magnet.

Fun Fact: Shigaraki ware has a long history, evolving alongside the tea ceremony and reflects the Japanese principles of wabi-sabi. It is characterised by the special quality of clay, evoking warmth, simplicity and strength. My manufacturer, Meizan Gama, has been firing Shikaraki ware in the town of Koka since 1622 and is one of the world's oldest ceramics companies.

Size: 25mm diameter, 14mm thick

Materials: ceramic, anisotropic ferrite magnet, felt, rubber

Producing Regions: Shigaraki ware by Meizen Gama in Shiga

Why I'm Better

Cohana is committed to connecting the traditional skills and wisdom of Japanese artisans handed down over many years to future generations and to revitalise these industries and production areas. Many of the techniques used to make their tools have been given the certification of Traditional Crafts by the Japanese Government.

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