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I am the most enchanting set of three sewing pins featuring a tombo-dama glass bead on the head. Tombo-dama beads are a Japanese traditional craft, produced by hand in a variety of colours and unique designs by master craftsmen.

My glass beads are made in house using a technique called millefiori with patented sustainable lead-free glass developed specifically by my maker, Kinari Glass. Millefiori means 'thousand flowers' in Italian and is characterised by its flower-like pattern. Each of my pins are unique with its own distinct charm, just like a flower.

Fun Fact: Tombo-dama (or tonbo-dama) literally translates to dragonfly bead because it was thought that the glass beads resemble the mysterious eyes of dragonflies. The techniques can be traced back thousands of years to the Nara Period (710-794 A.D.) and so naturally I was one of the first products planned for the launch of Cohana. Check out Cohana's Story for more cool tidbits about what makes me special.

*Set includes 3 sewing pins in an assortment of colours and patterns.

Size: 35mm length (5mm glass bead), 0.5mm thick

Materials: glass, nickel plating, steel

Producing Regions:

  • Glass beads by Kinari Glass in Osaka
  • Pins in Hiroshima

Why I'm Better

Cohana is committed to connecting the traditional skills and wisdom of Japanese artisans handed down over many years to future generations and to revitalise these industries and production areas. Many of the techniques used to make their tools have been given the certification of Traditional Crafts by the Japanese Government.

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