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I am a sight to behold, a truly unique and exquisitely crafted pencil sharpener. My intricate lid is handmade with various hardwoods by a master crafstman in a parquet technique called Yosegi-zaiku. My hexagonal shape is ergonomically designed with gently curved corners for easy handling.

Inside holds a pencil sharpener created by Nakajima Jukyudo, the only manufacturer in Japan who specialises in small pencil sharpeners. I can be used to sharpen any standard size pencil, coloured pencil and chalk pencil. I will produce clean, unbroken pencil shavings demonstrating the exceptional quality of my razor-sharp blade. I pair beautifully with the Cypress Pencil as a gift for a loved one or an indulgence for the true creative.

Fun Fact: My lid features a traditional Japanese pattern known as Asanoha, based on a type of hemp leaf. In the old days the asanoha leaf was said to have the power to expel evil spirits and the design is commonly used throughout Japan as a protective talisman.

Size: 50mm diameter, 34mm height

Materials: wood (Japanese Judas tree, Mizuki tree, walnut), cutlery steel, nickel alloy, styrene resin

Producing Regions:

  • Parquet by Yosegi Koubou Ag. in Kanagawa
  • Pencil sharpener by Nakajima Jukyudo Co. Ltd. in Osaka

Why I'm Better

Cohana is committed to connecting the traditional skills and wisdom of Japanese artisans handed down over many years to future generations and to revitalise these industries and production areas. Many of the techniques used to make their tools have been given the certification of Traditional Crafts by the Japanese Government.

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